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  • Chemxin Zeolite Powder Customer---COVESTRO
    Chemxin Zeolite Powder Customer---COVESTRO

    Covestro is among the leading suppliers of premium polymers, they inquiry activated molecular sieve powder as a desiccant to remove the bubbles in the production of polyurethane. High moisture adsorption and stable performance must be request, so they chose us after several tests.Covestro AG is a Ge

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  • Activated Alumina for transformer oil purification
    Activated Alumina for transformer oil purification

    We should also be familiar with the application of activated alumina, which can generally be used for moisture adsorption, catalyst carrier, sulfur recovery, H2O2 production, defluoridation.In addition, activated alumina can also be used for decolorization and deacidification of transformer oil. I

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  • New Application Of Zeolite In Wash-Dry Machine
    New Application Of Zeolite In Wash-Dry Machine

    The Chinese company released the new washing and drying machine H1 with Zeo-cycle low temperature drying technology at the Feb 2023, which is the third technology besides condensation, heat pump, and opened up new possibilities in washing and drying field.Commonly, the drying temperature of machines

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  • Activated Alumina Production Steps
    Activated Alumina Production Steps

    Activated alumina balls are spherical products formed by alumina micronized powder after some special processes. The production process of activated alumina balls is actually not complicated, with aluminum hydroxide as the raw material to go through drying treatment - crushing - rapid desiccation -

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