Aluminum honeycomb panel adhesive glue moisture scavenger-molecular sieve powder
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Aluminum honeycomb panel adhesive glue moisture scavenger-molecular sieve powder

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Aluminum honeycomb panel is a very common decoration material. It can be made into a panel with light weight, high strength and very flat surface. It can be used in structures, cushions, partitions and decorations. It is used in curtain walls, building partitions, Sound-absorbing panels, high-speed trains, ships, car compartments, etc. The quality of the aluminum honeycomb panel is not only related to the selected material, but also mainly depends on the bonding quality, and its key technical index is the peel strength.


There are two main types of glue commonly used in the production and installation of aluminum honeycomb panels: organic silica gel and polyurethane glue. Organic silica gel is generally used by aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturers, while polyurethane glue is a glue widely used by construction and installation companies in installation.

What kind of honeycomb glue is used?

1. Silicone

Organic silica gel has high temperature resistance, good weather resistance, high bonding strength, good anti-aging performance, and high elongation at break. In the process of use, it is also necessary to pay attention to its service life, generally 12 months, and the storage environment temperature should not exceed 27°C, avoid direct sunlight, humidity and high temperature.

2. Polyurethane glue

Polyurethane glue has the characteristics of good water resistance, high bonding strength, and good atmospheric aging resistance. Its service life is long, can reach more than 25 years. But need to pay attention to avoid too much glue or uneven glue.

The main causes of bubbles in glue:

In view of the cause of bubbles in this situation, the high probability is that the use environment changes, the humidity and temperature become higher, so that the polyurethane product absorbs excess water. NCO reacts with water and generates carbon dioxide inside the colloid. A large amount of carbon dioxide cannot escape and solidifies to form dense small bubbles.

The quality of polyurethane products is unstable due to the use environment and seasonal changes, which will seriously affect the product quality performance and wide applicability.


In order to avoid the generation of bubbles during the production and use of polyurethane products, thereby reducing the strength of the colloid.

For the correct treatment method of factory production, a small amount of molecular sieve moisture scavenger should be added in the production process of polyurethane rubber products to ensure that polyurethane materials are in a state of low water content in different use environments.

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