Wonderful Review Of CHEMXIN 2023 Canton Fair
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Wonderful Review Of CHEMXIN 2023 Canton Fair

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From Apr 15th-19th 2023, CHEMXIN ended successfully in 133rd Canton Fair at Guangzhou, China, lots of customers visited our booth during these five days.


Our excellent sales manager Judy communicated with Brazil customer, they exchanged name card with each other and made arrangements to visit our factory. They have not used molecular sieve before and now need a sample to test. On site, we shared that we have been working many well-known clients since 2002, such as SINOPEC, CODELCO, HANWHA, LG, GE, SHEEL etc.


Daisy showed the activated alumina to AUE customer, their current suppliers’ quality is unstable, so they are looking for a higher quality supplier. Customer said that he visit this show to our booth because he heard CHEMXIN’s quality is good from his friends, We are so glad to hear that, Daisy gave him a detailed introduction of our products and company.


Thanks for supporting of our lovely customers whom from all over the world in this show! CHEMXIN have been producing molecular sieves, molecular sieve powder, activated alumina, ceramic balls, and tower packing for 21 years, we are not only focus on the quality, but also on application experiences and services.


If you want to get price or our company overview, please reach out us by below information, Let's look forward to the next exhibition!

E: info@chemxin.com



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