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Activated Alumina

These are related to the Activated Alumina news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Activated Alumina, to help you better understand and expand Activated Alumina market. Because the market for Activated Alumina is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Defluorination Application Of Activated Alumina
    Defluorination Application Of Activated Alumina

    One of popular usage of CHEMXIN activated alumina material is as a water filter to remove or reduce contaminants like fluoride, selenium, and arsenic from water, which is widely used in water treatment applications for home, commercial, and industrial.This application is similar to anion-exchange re

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  • Wonderful Review Of CHEMXIN 2023 Canton Fair
    Wonderful Review Of CHEMXIN 2023 Canton Fair

    From Apr 15th-19th 2023, CHEMXIN ended successfully in 133rd Canton Fair at Guangzhou, China, lots of customers visited our booth during these five days.Our excellent sales manager Judy communicated with Brazil customer, they exchanged name card with each other and made arrangements to visit our fac

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  • Activated Alumina for transformer oil purification
    Activated Alumina for transformer oil purification

    We should also be familiar with the application of activated alumina, which can generally be used for moisture adsorption, catalyst carrier, sulfur recovery, H2O2 production, defluoridation.In addition, activated alumina can also be used for decolorization and deacidification of transformer oil. I

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  • Activated Alumina Production Steps
    Activated Alumina Production Steps

    Activated alumina balls are spherical products formed by alumina micronized powder after some special processes. The production process of activated alumina balls is actually not complicated, with aluminum hydroxide as the raw material to go through drying treatment - crushing - rapid desiccation -

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