What are the reasons of activated alumina broken into powder
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What are the reasons of activated alumina broken into powder

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Activated alumina desiccant is crushed and pulverized in the adsorption tower or has become mud, many people will suspect that is activated alumina quality problem, let's specifically introduce the causes of activated alumina crushing and pulverizing.

1.Activated alumina filled in the adsorption tower of the adsorption dryer is not tight and fine. The rubber hammer is used to strike the tower wall for small equipment, and the vibrator is used for large equipment to make the filling tight and fine.

2.Inlet temperature of the adsorption dryer is too high, generally not higher than 48℃.

If inlet temperature is too high, it will seriously endangers the service life and application of activated alumina adsorbent.

3.The adsorption tower enters a lot of oil or liquid water. The entry of liquid water & oil into many will lead to adsorption failure, the dew point temperature increases, and long-term high pressure will constitute pulverization and crushing.

4.The device has a pressure difference.

The primary reasons for the pulverization and crushing of activated alumina are these. Activated alumina has abundant pores inside, the pores are interconnected, the pore size is large, the specific surface area is large, is an excellent solid adsorption material. It has excellent adsorbability, pressure resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance. This product has uniform particles, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, moisture absorption is enhanced, water absorption does not expand and does not crack, adhere to the original, non-toxic, no smell, insoluble in water, no harm to the human body and the surrounding environment, widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer, steel and other operations.

Activated alumina

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