Replace Molecular Sieve In Air Compressor
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Replace Molecular Sieve In Air Compressor

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Air compressor Introduction:

Air compression dryer with adsorption is widely used in industry.

It can make the dew point of air dry as low as - 140 degrees.

It effectively solves the demand of dry gas in industrial production.


Suitable desiccants:

CHEMXIN chemical desiccants is physical so will not change anything. When running in the air compressor, it absorbs water under high pressure and releases the moisture after pressure reduction.

According to the different requirements of gas drying , the adsorbents amount can be flexibly adjusted.There are absorbents for your choose as below, the larger sequence, the stronger the adsorption capacity:

1.Activated Alumina

2.4A Molecular Sieve + Activated Alumina

3.4A Molecular Sieve

4.13X Molecular Sieve

5.13X-APG Molecular Sieve


The replacement flow of molecular sieve in air compressor :

First : open the bottom valve ports of adsorption tower A and Tower B, remove all the old zeolites inside, and close it.



Second: Put some activated alumina into the two towers as the protective materials.


Third: Using a vibrator for 10-15 minutes when put the molecular sieve into the tower and half full, then continue to fill it up and use the vibrator confirm again if both towers are full.


Finally, seal up by the screen and brown pad and close the tower.

Adsorbents Storage Instructions

We recommend put molecular sieve adsorbents to warehouse in order to prevent them from bad weather conditions (rain, sand storm, etc.), direct sun and ground humidity. Outside storage is not recommended, in particular for bags.

The drums can be stored up to 5 years under cover. Bags cannot be stored for more than 2 years, even under cover. For longer storage durations, we recommend to test sample in order to make sure they are still fit to use.


It is our honor to serve our customers well, CHEMXIN will continue to work hard for the best service and products to our customers.

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