Asian Customer Visited CHEMXIN Factory
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Asian Customer Visited CHEMXIN Factory

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Asian client Jenky visited CHEMXIN Factory on Oct 21th, he said very happy can intuitively see our 50000m3 factory and felt more confident in future orders, we are also very delighted and grateful for the opportunity to provide professional products and services, we will continue to fight and give you World top quality.

Activated alumina

Jenky is the owner of a gas factory and has purchased our molecular sieve several times before. Due to the high demand of our products and good impression, he decided to visit our factory.

chemxin adsorbent

At the begining, Yanny took the customer to the workshop to see 6 production lines of molecular sieve bead, pellet, powder, then to our warehouse to see all kinds of packages, such as paper bag, cardton box, steel drum, and jumbo bag, moreover went to our laboratory to inspect our zeolite strength in site, finally discussed the details of next order in the meeting room.

chemxin molecular sieve powder

GUANGZHOU CHEMXIN ENVIRONMENTAL MATERIAL CO., LTD. specializes in production of Molecular Sieve, Activated Alumina, Ceramic Ball, Ceramic, Plastic & Metal Random and Structured Packing for 21 years, with 50,000m2 workshop and warehouse to guarantee first grade quality, excellent packing and prompt delivery time.

activated alumina ball

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