Activated Alumina Production Steps
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Activated Alumina Production Steps

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Activated alumina balls are spherical products formed by alumina micronized powder after some special processes. The production process of activated alumina balls is actually not complicated, with aluminum hydroxide as the raw material to go through drying treatment - crushing - rapid desiccation - ball making - solidification - active roasting - screening and packaging and other processes to complete. The following specific steps are described below.


1, Aluminum hydroxide drying treatment: aluminum hydroxide raw materials with 7%-8% moisture, need to raise the temperature to 150-200 ℃ to evaporate the adhering moisture.

2, Aluminum hydroxide crushing: drying treatment before the raw materials into mechanical equipment mill will be crushed materials, crushing particle size needs to be adjusted according to the needs of manufacturing, generally made ball size distribution manipulation in 325 mesh - 500 mesh or so.

3, Aluminium hydroxide rapid desiccation: by floating roasting rapid desiccation, and excitation cooling system. The channel temperature of the fast desiccation industrial kiln is 800-900℃, and the temperature of the entrance and exit of the industrial kiln is 410-460℃.

4, Ball making: This process is the key link of product production, ball making process can control ball size, apparent density, crushing compressive strength, specific surface, pore volume size.

5, Activated roasting: After the ball making process, it enters the activation process, and after the ball activity is solved, it is changed to high temperature 90-100℃ steam solidification, and the solidification time is 4-6 hours. Then into the vertical kiln for roasting process, roasting temperature of 400-450 ℃, roasting time of 40-45 minutes.

6, After the completion of production work, screening out of the specifications of the activated alumina ball, the product particle size distribution is uniform and no broken ball can be packaged into the warehouse.


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