Activated Alumina for transformer oil purification
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Activated Alumina for transformer oil purification

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We should also be familiar with the application of activated alumina, which can generally be used for moisture adsorption, catalyst carrier, sulfur recovery, H2O2 production, defluoridation.

In addition, activated alumina can also be used for decolorization and deacidification of transformer oil.   If contacted with air, it will become damp, which not only reduces the breakdown voltage and increases the dielectric loss, but also enhances the corrosion catalytic effect on metal and causes the generation of precipitates in the oil.   It is generally believed that the deteriorated oil is more susceptible to moisture than the new oil, and the deterioration rate is 2-4 times faster.   If it is found that most of the active alumina turns from white to yellow or other colors, it means that the desiccant has failed and should be replaced by the dried and treated active alumina.   Since transformer oil in operation, due to the influence of air, sunlight, humidity and temperature will make it gradually aging, so it is necessary to take active measures to keep it in good condition as much as possible, in order to long its use time.   When the transformer oil flows through the activated alumina adsorbent, water, free acid and oxides that accelerate the aging of insulating oil are absorbed by the adsorbent, so that the oil is continuously regenerated and the oil quality can be maintained in a qualified state for a long time.

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