Activated Alumina for Heatless Regeneration Air Dryer
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Activated Alumina for Heatless Regeneration Air Dryer

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On the Air Dryers, Activated Alumina is filled into A & B tank. They dry the gas by continuous adsorption and desorption. Among which the regeneration function of the dryer includes heating regeneration and heatless regeneration. The heating regeneration which is to desorption activated alumina through high temperature heating, thereby realizing regeneration. Heatless regeneration is based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption. Activated alumina adsorbs moisture under higher pressure and desorption under lower pressure.

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Rated intake air temperature: ≤45℃

Rated working pressure: 0.7MPa

Pressure dew point: -40℃

Adsorbent: Activated Alumina

Features of activated alumina: Activated alumina has the characteristics of large adsorption capacity, large specific surface area, high strength, good thermal stability, non-toxic and non-corrosive. It can be widely used as adsorbent, desiccant and catalyst carrier in chemical, petrochemical, natural gas and fertilizer industries.

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