Activated Alumina Dechlorination Agent
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Activated Alumina Dechlorination Agent

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In the petrochemical production process, the chlorine in the feed gas can cause a variety of catalyst and adsorbent poisoning, so that the adsorbent and catalytic performance failure. Also the presence of chlorine will seriously corrode the device and equipment, affecting the normal operation of production, so it must be removed the Chloride. Usually we would like to use solid dechlorination agent to remove the chloride in the feed gas. This antichlor type with high-performance dechlorination agent has the characteristics of wide temperature range, high and low temperature activity uniformity, good water resistance, active components and chlorine after the reaction is not easy to migrate, can be used for synthesis of dehydrochlorination and protection of catalysts and adsorbents. Also it can be widely used in naphtha, natural gas, H2, N2, NH3, CO, CO2 and other raw materials were dechlorination.

Reforming liquid naphtha usually has a large amount of HCl, it will affect the follow-up equipment operation, the antichlor can continue to work in any temperature environment, adsorption of HCl, and can be continuous adsorption of HCl.

Chemxin Activated Alumina Dechlorination Agent has the characteristics of wide temperature range, uniform high and low temperature acivity, good water resistance, active components and chlorine after reaction are not easy to migrate.

It's widely utilized in synthetic ammonia, industrial methanol, methane, hydrocarbon, radon gas, hydrogen, coal gas, naphtha, natural gas, nitrogen production process.


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