Activated Alumina as Catalyst Carrier
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Activated Alumina as Catalyst Carrier

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The use of alumina in catalysts is usually called Activated Alumina. The application of activated alumina is mainly based on catalyst carriers, which are involved in the following fields: organic chemical, petrochemical, polymer chemistry, etc. Therefore, the market of activated alumina is very wide. Today we mainly introduce the application of activated alumina in catalysts and carriers.


Activated alumina is used as a catalyst carrier. In functionally simple catalytic reactions, activated alumina is not directly involved in the catalytic process, its role is to dilute, support and disperse precious metals. More than 70% of activated alumina is used as catalyst carrier. In addition to the above functions, in some reactions, activated alumina has the functions of enhancing thermal stability and mechanical stability, such as pd/Al2O3, Cu/r-Al2O3 used in automobile exhaust gas purification catalysts and catalysts for oil cracking reactions belong to this type, and the catalysts used in olefin hydrogenation reactions with nickel loaded on activated alumina. Its thermal stability range is larger than that of catalysts with diatomaceous earth loaded nickel.

Secondly, as an active catalyst, activated alumina has obvious adsorbent characteristics, such as H-H bond, C-H bond, etc. Therefore, it can be directly added to the reaction system as an active catalyst in hydrocarbon cracking, alcohol dehydration to ether, etc. Such as ethanol dehydration to produce ethylene, due to the presence of both acidic and basic centers on the surface of activated alumina. Therefore, activated alumina itself is a good catalyst. However, there are not many activated alumina directly used as industrial catalysts at present.


The other application of Activated Alumina is as desiccant, water filtration, for hydrogen peroxide production, etc.

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