A day of meeting with client
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A day of meeting with client

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On April 13th, Yanny suddenly heard that her customer was coming to Shanghai, but the customer had no time to visit our factory because of the short schedule. Although it takes 1445km from Guangzhou to Shanghai, Yanny still decided to go to Shanghai to meet with her customer without hesitate.

On the same night, Yanny immediately applied with Judy,her manager, to meet the customer together in Shanghai. Unfortunately, the airplane tickets have been sold out, they can only buy the high speed train tickets. Yanny thought that as long as she could meet the client, she doesn’t mind that the high speed train takes 8 hours. They prepared three gifts with Chinese characteristics for customer.

Finally Yanny and Judy arrived in Shanghai on time.They invited the customer to have a delicious dinner.The customer said he really liked the gifts, and also finalized all the details of the order of molecular sieve and activated alumina. He said : What a pleasant meeting!

molecular sieve

Activated alumina

Happy times always go fast. In the blink of an eye, they have chatted for more than three hours. It is time to say goodbye... We believe this moment of farewell is the beginning of our friendship and trust. We are looking forward to meet you next time.


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