Characteristics of porous adsorbent
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Characteristics of porous adsorbent

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Adsorbents can effectively adsorb specific components from fluids. Porous adsorbents have a large specific surface area, suitable pore structure and surface structure, and have good adsorption capacity for adsorbates. They are easy to prepare and regenerate.

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Recycling of adsorbent

The adsorption capacity of an adsorbent is mainly due to its porosity and the large number of active adsorption sites endowed by the resulting high specific surface area.  When all the active sites in the adsorbent are occupied, its adsorption capacity reaches saturation: if the occupied sites are adsorbate, this process is reversible, which is called adsorbent saturation. And it needs to be heated or decompression to regeneration. If what occupies the site is not the adsorbate but other substances that are difficult to detach from the adsorption site, the adsorption is irreversible and the adsorbent cannot be used again. This phenomenon is called adsorbent poisoned.

It should be noted that adsorbents do not specifically refer to "desiccants" used to absorb water. Materials such as activated carbon and carbon molecular sieves that can adsorb other substances are also "adsorbents".  In addition, in industrial applications, there are "adsorbents" used to decolorize and deodorize water, adsorb organic solvents, and separate oxygen and other components from the air to obtain high-purity nitrogen.  In short, desiccant is only a type of adsorbent.

The tolerance of different adsorbents is different.

The adsorption capacity of the adsorbent has an upper limit, and different adsorbents have different tolerance to water. Such as calcium chloride desiccant can absorb water and dissolve, but can not be adsorbed in water; Activated alumina and silica gel can effectively absorb water in a high humidity environment, but they will absorb water overload and crack in water. 5A molecular sieve can separate N2 and water vapor in the air, but it has a strong adsorption capacity for water. In high humidity environment will quickly absorb water and become saturated, seriously affecting the separation efficiency of other substances.

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