CHEMXIN Oxygen molecular sieve testing data
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CHEMXIN Oxygen molecular sieve testing data

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CHEMXIN Molecular Sieve Lithium type is the lithium form aluminosilicate with X type crystal structure. And it is specially developed and designed molecular sieve for oxygen production from air with international advanced level. It is mainly used in PSA and VPSA oxygen concentrator device. Having the characteristics of higher N2 adsorption capacity, high N2 with O2 selectivity and easy desorption etc. Its N2 adsorption capacity is 2-3 times larger than A type oxygen enrichment molecular sieve bed. At the same time, this Lithium Molecular Sieve has good wear resistance and longer service life. It can significantly increases the economic benefits of oxygen production by lowering operating costs and energy consumption. Normally, CHEMXIN Lithium Molecular Sieve model XCLX-01 is designed for portable oxygen generator 1-10L/Min, CHEMXIN Lithium Molecular Sieve model XCLX-02 is designed for industrial oxygen plant, oxygen purity is up to 93%±3%.

Share the 10L machines from client, XCLX-01 type (0.4-0.8mm), loading 2kg, Oxygen output purity is 96.2%.

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