Which molecular sieve is used for hydrogen production?
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Which molecular sieve is used for hydrogen production?

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There are many applications of molecular sieve, such as natural gas dehydration, ethanol dehydration, desulfurization, oxygen and hydrogen production etc., today we will introduce one of importance applications --- hydrogen production by CHEMXIN 5A molecular sieve.

The demand of Hydrogen is heavy in various industries. The method of producing pure hydrogen from methanol and steam have been widely used cause its highest efficiency, low energy consumption, no pollution etc.,

Principle of methanol-steam reforming as below:

Methanol and desalted water are used as raw materials that are catalysed into conversion gas(contains hydrogen and carbon dioxide) under 220~280 ℃ of special catalyst.  CH3OH+H2O=CO2+3H2

Technological process as below:

Methanol + purified water → vaporization → overheating → reactor (under the catalyst) → hydrogen+carbon dioxide+carbon monoxide and a small amount of impurities are generated

PSA hydrogen separation:

The mixed gas will be generated after methanol-steam reforming, however the gas contains CH4/CO/ CO2/ H2O/ CH3OH/ H2 and other impurities. Adsorb impurities by CHEMXIN 5A molecular sieve is highest efficient method for hydrogen production.

Who are we ?

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