What should we do if the polyurethane has bubbles
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What should we do if the polyurethane has bubbles

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What should we do if the polyurethane has bubbles?

Today let's talk about two common reasons and solution of bubbles in the polyurethane.

Why the bubbles always in the production of urethane products?

1.Trace water in polyurethane formula will react with isocyanate(CHNO) to produce amine(NH3)and carbon dioxide(CO2), which is the reason of bubbles in PU products , and the excessive moisture also will cause incomplete curing of electronic potting compound.

2. The climate and environment made a difference as well on polyurethane products, for example, if in the wet weather or rainy day, the polyurethane easier to absorb moisture in the air. If the temperature too high, it is also easy to make the adhesive turbid and reduce viscosity.

Molecular Sieve Powder-1

Molecular Sieve Powder-2

Low cost solution:

For the bubbles problem of polyurethane products, tests have proved that CHEMXIN molecular sieve powder can effectively work it. This method can be applied to polyurethane adhesive, sealant, epoxy resin, electronic potting compound, polyurethane tooling or modelling board, urethane foam etc.

Adding CHEMXIN molecular sieve powder into the production process of polyurethanes that can be stably maintained in a low water content to avoid bubbles even under different humidity and temperature of the external environment.

Molecular Sieve Powder-5


Why choose CHEMXIN?

1.On time supply: 4 automatic production lines, daily capacity of each line more than 30 tons of molecular sieve powder.

2.High quality: The production line of activated molecular sieve powder was packed automatically which reduces the moisture in the packaging process, the water content within 0.8%.

3.Manufacturer strength: 50000m2 workshop and intelligent warehouse which saved human and time resources significantly and improves delivery efficiency.



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