The Shipment of 24 tons 3A Molecular Sieve
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The Shipment of 24 tons 3A Molecular Sieve

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The 40ft container of 24tons 3A molecular sieve has shipped to our South Africa Customer on Dec 27th . The package is 800kg/Jumbo bag + pallet, Total 30 pallet. Special thanks for the supporting, we believe that our customer will be satisfied with our 3A zeolite   desiccant for the first trial order.


This customer used the 3A zeolite in ethanol dehydration, here introduce other common applications of 3A molecular sieve desiccant as below:

a)Drying of unsaturated hydrocarbons (e.g. ethylene, propylene, butadien)

b)b) Cracked Gas Drying

c)c) Drying of natural gas

d) Drying of highly polar compounds, such as methanol

e) Drying of liquid alcohol

f) Static, (non-regenerative) dehydration of insulating glass units

g) Drying of CNG.


What is the production process of 3A molecular sieve?

First we will prepare all raw materials and the machine stand by.

Then put the raw powder materials to mix, roll, reinforce, each step will be screened and inspected.

Last, the beads will be dried at high temperature and then packaged after cooling.


Our Cases:

We have been supplied molecular sieve to lots of Fortune 500 companies since 2002,such as SINOPEC, CODELCO, HANWHA, SHELL, AIR LIQUID, GE, LG etc.


More details, please feel free contact us.



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