The Regeneration Method Of Molecular Sieves In PSA Equipment
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The Regeneration Method Of Molecular Sieves In PSA Equipment

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For PSA (pressure swing air) separation equipment, the molecular sieve is the core component of the system; The working cycle of adsorption and regeneration of molecular sieves can produce nitrogen or oxygen continuously.

Regeneration refers to the reverse process of adsorption, as molecular sieves cannot continue to adsorb gas after completing saturation adsorption and it needs to "restore", That's why we call it "regeneration".

"Regeneration" will make the molecular sieve’s lifetime as long as possible and maintain good working performance. It has very low attenuation and aging when in the correct method. There are two regeneration methods as below;

1)Change the temperature: heating the molecular sieve to remove the metal ions with lower electricity prices and larger ion radii and combined water, and return it to the cavity state; In industrial production, preheated regeneration gas is used to heat and blow molecular sieves to remove the substances that have been desorbed. Generally speaking, the regeneration temperature is 200°C - 250 °C.

2)Change the relative pressure: generally used in gas phase adsorption processes. The basic method is to keep the temperature, and remove the adsorbate by reducing pressure and inert gas backflushing.

Regeneration is usually carried out in the reverse direction of adsorption. Most of the adsorbate at the entrance of the adsorption bed does not need to pass through the entire bed, which effectively reduces the contact between the molecular sieve and the humid gas that will increases the service life. The regeneration gas should be as dry as possible, otherwise it will affect the adsorption efficiency.

As for whether the regeneration is qualified or not, the usual judgement way is to check the instrument. If the regeneration time and temperature curves is normal and the fluctuation value remains stable, and if the gas concentration (purity) of the sampled product from the same tower is within the qualified range, which indicates the regeneration is complete.

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