The reasons of molecular sieve appear crumbling and pulverization
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The reasons of molecular sieve appear crumbling and pulverization

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The following summarizes some of the molecular sieves appear crumbling and pulverization reasons.

The molecular sieve material itself has quality problems:


According to the use requirements of different drying equipment, there are differences in the working pressure in the tank. The more efficient and durable equipment, the higher the requirements of the molecular sieve must be.

One of the core requirements is the molecular sieve's ability to resist high pressure, enough to stabilize and continue to work under the impact of changing high pressure.

Compressive strength lower than the equipment requirements will lead to molecular sieve fragmentation, pulverization, and quickly reduce the service life of the equipment.


Molecular sieve adsorption process will be accompanied by exothermic phenomenon, with the pressure change in the tank, the temperature will also change.

Temperature will make the tightly filled molecular sieve and metal tank body deformation of different degrees. If the molecular sieve strength is low, the phenomenon of fragmentation and pulverization will occur during operation.

Use error:


Molecular sieves in air compressors should be avoided for direct use as drying liquid water. The molecular sieve in contact with liquid water will be a large amount of exothermic, and will increase the difficulty of regeneration.

Under long-term operation, the molecular sieve adsorption capacity and strength in the equipment will be reduced, which will easily lead to increased dew point and fragmentation and pulverization.


Raw gas should be avoided to contain oil, molecular sieve adsorption of oil will block the pore, oil in the high-temperature regeneration environment will be coked, which will directly lead to the loss of molecular sieve adsorption capacity.

Correct pretreatment of raw material gas is very important, need to regularly check and replace the front oil remover and dry parts.

Equipment clogging failure:

Equipment running for a long time, the air inlet is prone to clogging, which will increase the pressure of the air inlet.

Resulting in the molecular sieve by the impact becomes larger, in the case of pressure impact becomes larger, the molecular sieve that the solvent leads to pulverization and fragmentation.

Please choose high quality molecular sieve for equipment replacement:

CHEMXIN molecular sieve has a history of 22 years, and we have realized the automated production of multiple production lines, strictly to achieve high quality control. Every sieve will go through 5 precision screening. The pressure resistance and adsorption of each batch are much higher than the national standard.



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