The Oxygen Purity After Using Molecular Sieve
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The Oxygen Purity After Using Molecular Sieve

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We often receive questions from customers:

What is the maximum oxygen concentration after using lithium molecular sieves in oxygen generator?

A number of factors will dictate the oxygen purity, but under specific conditions, the highest oxygen purity record of laboratory can reach 99%.

How the oxygen molecular sieve appears to work:

It is named molecular sieve because it has the sieving function of molecules. it applies this characteristic in the air industry that is oxygen generator.

The oxygen generator screens out all the oxygen and enriches it to increase the oxygen concentration.

lithium zeolite

What are the components in the air?

It is widely known that the air has large amount of oxygen. According to the international standard atmosphere and the sea level conditions (15 ℃, 101.325 kPa), the proportion of various components in the air as below:

Nitrogen: 78.084%

Oxygen: 20.946%

Argon: 0.934%

Carbon dioxide: 0.041%

Rare gases, etc.: approximately 0.001%

Helium: 0.00063%

Neon: 0.000011%

Krypton: 0.0000017%

Xenon: 0.000000035%

Lithium molecular sieve is a selective adsorption material for various gas in the air. However, different gases have different adsorption capacities。

Adsorption ranking:

Carbon dioxide(CO2) >nitrogen(N2)>argon(Ar)>oxygen(O2)>rare gases


CHEMXIN oxygen enrichment molecular sieve series are special used in PSA/VPSA system. They have good N2/O2 selectivity, good crush strength and low loss on attrition, which is cost-effective for concentrating oxygen from air. They are widely used in industrial/Medical oxygen concentrator in ozone production filed, Aquaculture field for fish farming,Waste water treatment field, medical oxygen market. etc. Their concentrating purity up to 93%+-3%, 96%+-3%,having good reputation in market. Chemxin Molecular Sieve 13X HP is equal to jalon molecular sieve jlox-501 and jlox-500. Lithium based molecular sieve is equal to jalon molecular sieve jlox-101 and jlox-100.

oxygen molecular sieve

13x hp molecular sieve

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