The Advantage of Molecular Sieve XH-7 XH-9
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The Advantage of Molecular Sieve XH-7 XH-9

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XH-7, XH-9 Molecular Sieves are characterized by low dew point control, high strength, low wear and can be used without destroying the chemical stability of the refrigerant. The service life of the refrigeration system depends on when the refrigerant leaks. The leakage of refrigerant is caused by the corrosion of pipes due to harmful substances from refrigerant and the trace water contained in it, and molecular sieve is the product of choice to control the trace water.


Refrigeration molecular sieve does not adsorb any other substances except water. There is no chemical reaction between refrigerant and molecular sieve, and it does not affect the chemical stability of refrigerant. Therefore, the refrigerant should choose a specific special molecular sieve.

CHEMXIN XH-7 molecular sieve is widely utilized in HFC-134a and CFC-12 refrigeration systems and automotive industry.

CHEMXIN XH-9 molecular sieve is for CFC-12, HCFC-22, HCFC-124, HFC-125, HFC-134a, HFC-143a, and as mentioned above, HFC-152a and its blends.


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