Solution to the curing time of polyurethane adhesive
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Solution to the curing time of polyurethane adhesive

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Today let me share you an interesting story about our 2K-PU adhesive customer.


High economic value molecular sieve powder is a best dehydration defoamer for the polyurethane adhesive/coating industry, this 2K-PU adhesive customer looking for a good quality manufacturer to improve a new formula.

Most polyurethane synthesis raw materials have a amount of  trace moisture water that easily react with another raw material ---isocyanate, which will generate a large number bubbles inside . If the bubbles cannot be discharged, it will greatly affect the physical properties and appearance. In general, eliminating bubbles is a necessary flow in the production of PU products.

Our Activated molecular sieve power is best solution for drying polyurethane raw materials and preventing the generation of bubbles, it has strong hydrophilic properties and can selectively adsorb water in the mixture. When the customer known us from his brother company, they immediately contacted us.


At first we recommended two types molecular sieve powders--3A 4A to customers for testing. The customer feedback us that after adding our molecular sieves, the defoaming effect is very ideal, but the polyurethane reacts quickly, so the curing time too short, which is not good for their products.

Based on our experience, we speculate that it is due to excessive addition of zeolite powder, so we suggest reducing the amount. However, after multiple tests, the customer has not yet resolved this issue.

Result: Chemxin 5A Modified Molecular Sieve Powder

In some polyurethane synthesis formulas, the base value and hydroxyl structure of molecular sieves may accelerate the reaction and shorten the curing time after mixing. So we developed a new modified 5A molecular sieve powder for this problem.

CHEMXIN modified 5A molecular sieve powder keeps its original water absorption capacity and reduces the influence of hydroxyl structure by adjusting the raw materials, which will decline the overall PH value. This new item powder has been tested in the market and got good feedback from our oversea customers.

We sent the modified 5A molecular sieve powder sample to the customer again for testing, at last it successfully met the customer's requirements and go it to mass production.

modified 5A molecular sieve powder

If you have this problem in the production process of polyurethane adhesive/sealant, welcome contact us any time,



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