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Propylene Drying Case Share

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CPC (Taiwan)-Propylene Drying Project

CHEMXIN molecular sieve zeolite

Adsorbent: Propylene Drying Molecular Sieve, 1.6-2.5MM

Loading quantities: 78 Tons

Requirement: The moisture of finished product should be ≤5PPM.

Result: ≤3PPM

CHEMXIN molecular sieve

Polymer-grade propylene products not only require high purity and few impurities, but also very strict requirements for water content. In order to reduce the content of trace water in propylene, a dryer is generally set up to dehydrate with molecular sieves.

CHEMXIN Propylene Drying Molecular Sieve is a special type for ethylene and propylene drying。

We helped our client CPC to install this molecular sieve in the towers, and checked the results base on customer requirement, we achieved ≤3PPM moisture finally.

CHEMXIN always aim at top grade material with best services.

More cases will be shared and hope it will do help on your projects.

Welcome your feedback or comments, let’s study and grow together.



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