On-site guidance for carbon molecular sieves replacement
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On-site guidance for carbon molecular sieves replacement

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Chemxin 3 technicians went to ZhuHai electronics factory to guide replacement of carbon molecular sieve according to the customers'  requirements on Jan. 13th 2022. The nitrogen production of the generator is 100 m3/h, and the nitrogen purity is required to be more than 99.9%.


The customer is large electronic factory in Zhuhai that is equipped with a nitrogen generator which needs to replace the new carbon molecular sieve due to the old one has been used for 5 years and the nitrogen output of generator can not meet the standard.


Normally, the replacement steps of carbon molecular sieve are as follows:

First: open the valve ports at the bottom of adsorption tower A and Tower B, remove all the old carbon molecular sieves inside, and close the bottom valve port.

Second: Put some activated alumina into the two towers as the protective drying of carbon molecular sieve

Third: Using a vibrator for 10-15 minutes to fill up the carbon molecular sieve in the tower when put half of carbon molecular sieve into tower, then continue to fill it up and use the vibrator again to confirm that Both adsorption towers are fill up the carbon molecular sieve. Finally, seal up by the two layers of screen and brown pad, and place the two layers of screen again. In last close the tower to complete the replacement.



On-site, after the worker removed the old carbon molecular sieve from the top port of the tower (due to it don't have valve ports at the bottom of adsorption towers), they start to fill up the new carbon molecular sieve. We successfully completed the replacement by the efforts of each worker. Sunshine smile in every single face, which let us gain deeply greater trust from customers.

We have received favorable feedback from our different country customers within 20 years because "Customer focus" always in the Chemxiner heart. Your satisfaction is always our driving force.

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