New Application Of Zeolite In Wash-Dry Machine
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New Application Of Zeolite In Wash-Dry Machine

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The Chinese company released the new washing and drying machine H1 with Zeo-cycle low temperature drying technology at the Feb 2023, which is the third technology besides condensation, heat pump, and opened up new possibilities in washing and drying field.


Commonly, the drying temperature of machines is 40-60 ℃, but the wool or silk fabric will be deformed, shrunk or damaged under this temperature. Low-temperature drying technology is use molecular sieve to dry clothes below 37 ℃,which will reduce the damage and extend the service life of clothes.

The advantages of Zeolite Wash-Dry Machine as below:

More environmentally friendly:Compared with the traditional high temperature dryer, molecular sieve dryer can save a lot of energy, reduce the emission of harmful gases under low temperature.

Safer: The molecular sieve dryer will not reach high temperature, so no fire and other safety problem.

More intelligent and convenient: The zeolite machine is equipped with an intelligent control system, which can automatically control the drying time and temperature by sensing clothes.

Wide range of clothes: In addition to ordinary fabrics, expensive and fragile materials can be washed without damage.

Molecular Sieve Introduction:

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