Molecular sieves used in drying of liquefied gas filling stations
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Molecular sieves used in drying of liquefied gas filling stations

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Recently, we assisted a domestic customer to complete the molecular sieve replacement project.


Here is a brief introduction to the application of molecular sieves in gas filling stations.

Natural gas in gas filling stations usually contains a certain amount of water, for example, methane generally contains 35-120ppm of water. Natural gas needs to be pressurized over 20 MPa during storage and transportation. If it contains moisture, it is easy to condense into water in pipelines and equipment, affecting the transportation of natural gas and the operation of gas filling stations. Moreover, water vapor is easy to form water vapor, and water vapor will react with carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other components in natural gas to form corrosive products, which will cause corrosion to pipelines and equipment. Therefore, gas filling stations must do deep drying of natural gas.


It is recommended to use sodium A molecular sieve with slightly larger pore size for natural gas drying. In addition to deep drying of natural gas, molecular sieves can also absorb and separate harmful impurities with pungent odors such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Ultimately achieve the purpose of deep dehydration, removal of peculiar smell, purification of natural gas, and increase of methane value.

Increasing the methane number has a direct effect on combustion:

1. The higher the methane value, the higher the heat generated by combustion, which helps to increase the combustion power

2. Combustion is more complete, reducing exhaust pollution.

3. Less natural gas consumption improves economy.


In the dehydration, drying and adsorption treatment of natural gas, Chemxin molecular sieves have universal excellence and are suitable for various types and models of natural gas adsorption equipment.

Chemxin molecular sieve adheres to the high standard of ex-factory quality as the production benchmark, and various molecular sieves produced for more than 20 years are supplied to various types of adsorption equipment manufacturers and engineering companies at home and abroad.

Chemxin molecular sieve has the advantages of high compressive strength, high adsorption performance, intact particles without fragmentation, long service life, no dust and pollution, and stable quality, which is very suitable for long-term cooperation.



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