Molecular Sieve Used in Chemical Fertilizer Plant
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Molecular Sieve Used in Chemical Fertilizer Plant

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One of our customers is a leading fertilizer plant in their industry with an annual capacity of more than 500000 tons, They produce variety of chemical synthetic compound fertilizers, like synthetic ammonia, urea, Ammonium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, urea compound fertilizer (NP), oxygen, dilute nitric acid, liquid ammonia, industrial ammonia, reagent ammonia, etc.


The molecular sieves can separate molecules from different shapes, diameters, polarity, boiling points, and saturation levels, so it is widely used in metallurgy, chemical engineering, fertilizers, electronics, petrochemicals, natural gas etc. In the production of compound fertilizers, there are requirements to adsorb moisture and remove some impurities, molecular sieves with strong adsorption capacity is most popular choice in the fertilizer industry.


Fertilizer factory customers feedback us that our zeolite have long service life, no fragmentation, no dust, and stable quality, that is equal to UOP Molecular sieve , but low overall cost than theirs.


Why choose us?

CHEMXIN has been producing molecular sieve for 21 years, we have mature production processes and 6 production lines, the annual production capacity of beads shape is 2800 tons/year, the pellet shape is 1800 tons/year, and molecular sieve powder is 5500 tons/year, we can supply you on time.

Quality control is very strict in our factory, each batch of goods will be 5 sieves and 3 tests to ensure WorldClass quality products for our customers.

Lots of Top 500 Enterprises are our long term customers, such as CODELCO, Hanwha, SHELL, AIR LIQUID, LG, SINOPEC,TATA GROU, CHEVRON, etc.

If you are interested in zeolites or our company, please feel free contact us any time~



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