Molecular Sieve Powder for Polyurethane PU Foam
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Molecular Sieve Powder for Polyurethane PU Foam

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Specifically formulated molecular sieve powder is produced by high temperature roasting and dehydration. The original molecular sieve powder loses most of the water in the high temperature roasting process, so the activated molecular sieve powder has strong adsorption capacity, and it has good dispersion and fast adsorption capacity. It is often used as amorphous adsorbent with selective adsorption performance directly in the production, which can effectively remove trace water and other impurities in the material.

Molecular sieve powder is widely utilized in polyurethane systems, such as polyurethane adhesives, polyurethane coatings, and molecular sieve powder is also used in polyurethane soft foam. Adding the right amount of this powder can increase the density of the foam, remove excess water, and make the PU foam more durable.


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