Installation of 14tons 5A oxygen molecular sieve
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Installation of 14tons 5A oxygen molecular sieve

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Details overview:

Oxygen concentrator type:VPSA system

Installation Date: 2023.07.20

Tower Size: Inner Diameter: 2.68m, Height: 6.5m

Adsorption tower volume:

1) 14 tons 5A oxygen molecular sieve, 7 tons/tower

2)2.5 tons activated alumina, 1 ton/tower

Customer performance requirements:

Oxygen flow: 350Nm ³/ Hr, Oxygen purity ≥ 93% ± 2%


After installing CHEMXIN 5A oxygen molecular sieve, the oxygen purity reach 95.3% when the flow 350Nm3/hr


How zeolite molecular sieve works for VPSA Plant?

CHEMXIN 5A oxygen zeolite molecular sieves (ZMS) is special designed for VPSA ( Vacuum pressure Swing Adsorption ) oxygen gas generators, When ZMS used in the VPSA process, nitrogen Molecules having a higher diameter than oxygen Molecule that passes through the pores and are adsorbed. Adsorptive air separation is a cyclic process, in which adsorbent material is alternately.

Three stage in the cyclic process:

Purification: The ambient (inlet) air is filtered before being compressed moderately by a blower system.

Absorption: The pre-treated air passes into a vessel containing activated alumina and zeolites to remove any moisture and CO2 and adsorbs the nitrogen while oxygen passes through the vessel outlet. Before the adsorption capability of the zeolite is exhausted the adsorption process is interrupted.

Desorption: The saturated zeolite is regenerated (i.e. the adsorbed gases released) by means of pressure reduction below adsorption pressure. This is achieved by a dry running vacuum pump. The resulting off gas is vented to atmosphere. In order to continue the cycle, a surge tank was installed to maintain a continuous flow of oxygen supply.


Why choose CHEMXIN oxygen zeolite?

1.CHEMXIN manufacturer has over 21 years experience in oxygen absorbent industry, providing customers with world-class quality molecular sieve, package & delivery, on-site installation, free technical training and other services.

2.CHEMXIN 5A oxygen zeolite has high oxygen adsorption performance, nitrogen oxygen separation coefficient and nitrogen adsorption capacity.

3.Longer service life ,more than 20 projects kept running our 5A oxygen molecular sieve for over 10 years continuously.

Any needs of molecular sieve, please feel free contact us directly.



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