How to choose molecular sieve types for solvent drying?
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How to choose molecular sieve types for solvent drying?

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Today, let's discuss together whether choose spherical type molecular sieves or powder type in solvent drying process.

Applications of sphere type or powder type:

Molecular sieves are physically adsorbed and do not react with other materials. In order to meet all requirements, there are three types for choose: powder, bead and pellet. However, different type different application.

1.Molecular sieve activated powder

The raw materials of polyurethane system has some bubbles in the production flow, our activated molecular sieve powder is special designed for this issue that will deeply drying to eliminate bubbles and improve the smoothness of the material.

The molecular sieve can be retained to keep long-term dry performance if it don’t effect next processing, but if it does, the molecular sieve powder can be separated out by filtration.


2.Bead type molecular sieve

The ethyl acetate liquor of lithium battery is usually dehumidified with spherical molecular sieves, the solution flows through the molecular sieves  in the adsorption tank.

The molecular sieve is designed to be spherical to ensure maximum contact area and easier regeneration, which can be revived by high temperature or switching pressure.


What are the differences between molecular sieves and other absorbents in solvent drying?

Silica gel, calcium chloride, montmorillonite and activated carbon are used in solvents drying application too, however, they do not have precise selective adsorption properties, so deep drying is impossible. Even in the process, it will absorb some raw materials.

Molecular sieve has high-precision selective adsorption performance. Under ideal conditions, the water content < 1ppm after using molecular sieve.

Why Choose CHEMXIN molecular sieve?

1.Manufacturer strength: 50000m2 workshop and intelligent warehouse that mean we can support urgent order at any time.

2.World-class quality : our customers feedback that our absorption performance is same as BASF, UOP, but our price is more competitive.

3. High Crush Strength: Our strength of zeolite is higher than industry standard.

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