How to choose high-quality molecular sieves for industrial applications
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How to choose high-quality molecular sieves for industrial applications

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In the industrial applications, high quality molecular sieves is very important for the entire adsorption process, but how can we choose high-quality?

Multiple parameters can identify the quality, such as adsorption capacity, surface area, average pore size, pore volume, etc. Among them, crushing strength is a very important evaluation factor.

The crushing strength of molecular sieves directly determines the stability and adsorption performance in the using flow, If the strength low, it is easy to be worn and damaged during the using cycle, and decreased the surface area and porosity.

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The most direct performance of poor quality is easy to break and crush under the high pressure gas. If there are more and more debris inside the tank, the tank will no longer be stable, which will reduce the service life of the molecular sieve.

Some secondary recycled materials or poor quality molecular sieves tend to have more problems, such as short lifetime, unstable adsorption capacity, bad adsorption performance, and large dust that will be easily clog up the pipeline or filters.


CHEMXIN molecular sieve has been producing for 21 years, high quality products is our mission. Each batch of goods in our factory will be 5 sieves and 3 tests to ensure stable quality. Our average strength is much higher than the industry standards. For example, the crushing strength standard of 3-5 mm 13X molecular sieve is 85N, and ours can reach around 120N. Customers feedback that our quality is equal to BASF, UOP, ZEOCHEM. 

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