High Efficiency Carbon Molecular Sieve CMS-330
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High Efficiency Carbon Molecular Sieve CMS-330

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What is CHEMXIN Carbon Molecular Sieve CMS-330?

CMS330 is a new arrival of carbon molecular sieve adsorbent researched and developed by CHEMXIN. Through the improvement of the production process, the adsorbent is more stable, more efficient, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is also a more economical way to extract 99.999% pure nitrogen from PSA system.

Particular qualities:

Very high separation rates and reliability

Low dust, homogeneous in grain size

Resource base:

High microporous carbon


Extraction of nitrogen from the air

For high productivity Nitrogen PSA

For petroleum chemical industry

For heat treatment of metal

For electronic manufacture

For food preservation industries


What is the difference between Carbon Molecular Sieves CMS 260 with CMS 330?

The main difference between Carbon Molecular Sieves CMS 260 and CMS 330 lies in their pore size and adsorption properties. CMS 260 typically has a smaller pore size compared to CMS 330, which means it is more selective for smaller molecules such as nitrogen. This makes CMS 260 well-suited for applications where low-purity nitrogen is required, as it can effectively separate nitrogen from other gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. On the other hand, CMS 330 has a larger pore size, which allows it to adsorb a wider range of molecules. This makes it suitable for applications where a broader range of gases needs to be separated in high purified. In summary, the key difference between CMS 260 and CMS 330 lies in their pore size and selectivity, with CMS 260 being more selective for smaller molecules like nitrogen, while CMS 330 has a broader adsorption capacity. The choice between the two types of CMS depends on the specific gas separation requirements of the application.

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