Desorption method of molecular sieve adsorbent
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Desorption method of molecular sieve adsorbent

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When the Molecular Sieve Adsorbent reaches conversion efficiency, it needs to be desorbed. There are 4 desorption methods:

Molecular Sieve Adsorbent

1)Heating method.

Heating gas heats up the molecular sieve and provide energy to the molecular sieve to desorb them. This is achieved by utilizing the principle that adsorption capacity decrease as temperature increase.

2)Pressure reduction

The operating pressure is high when adsorption is in progress, and normal pressure or vacuum is used during desorption to reduce the partial presssure of the molecular sieve, change the conditions, destroy the original adsorption balance, and desorb the molecular sieve. This takes advantage of the law that as the molecular sieve pressure decreases, the adsorption capacity decreases.

3)Cleaning method

The non-adsorbed or difficult-to-adsorbed gas is introduced into the adsorbent bed to dilute the concentration of the adsorbent and reduce its partial pressure to achieve desorption.

4)Replacement method

Gas that is much more easily adsorbed is introduced into the adsorbent bed to replace the adsorbed gas and desorb the gas.

When choosing a desorption method, it is often not possible to use a single method for complete desorption. In terms of air purification, a method that combines heating and cleaning is applied, also known as the heated regeneration method (TSA). The pressure swing adsorption method of reduced pressure desorption is called PSA method.

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