Deep Drying Treatment Of Industrial Solvent Perchlorethylene
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Deep Drying Treatment Of Industrial Solvent Perchlorethylene

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Perchlorethylene (Perc for short) is a colorless organic solvent with the chemical formula C2Cl4.


The molecular structure of tetrachlorethylene is symmetrical, flat and compact, with a dynamic diameter of about 0.83 nanometers. With excellent solubility, it has long been an important industrial solvent, mainly used in dry cleaning and metal cleaning industries. Non-polar, dissolves fats and oils. So it is often used for dry cleaning clothes, leather and other fiber products. 121 ℃ low boiling point, easy to evaporate. It is stable and not easy to deteriorate, and can be stored for a long time.

Tetrachlorethylene is prone to hydrolysis reaction with water

Usually, the water content of tetrachlorethylene needs to be controlled below 0.01% in the process of manufacturing and transportation. The carbonyl group in tetrachloroethylene is easily hydrolyzed with water to produce products such as dichloroacetic acid and hydroxide. This accelerates the deterioration and quality loss of the perchlorethylene. Especially in the air, the hydrolysis reaction of tetrachloroethylene and water will produce mildly toxic by-products such as chloroacetaldehyde.

zeolite 4A for C2Cl4 drying

Perchlorethylene is easy to absorb water vapor in the air

The perchlorethylene synthesis process requires the use of a certain amount of water, which will remain in the product if not completely removed. Perchlorethylene transport and storage containers and piping in the presence of moist air will also be absorbed into the solvent. The recovered tetrachlorethylene contains certain moisture and impurities.

Efficient deep water removal using molecular sieves

Use Chemxin molecular sieve to dry tetrachlorethylene, and the water content can be reduced below 10PPM. When choosing a molecular sieve, you can use the A-type molecular sieve produced by our factory, which has a strong water absorption capacity when dry.

molecular sieve-3-5-4

Suitable for 4A type 1-2mm spherical particles.

Chemxin molecular sieve has no dust, high compressive strength, large water absorption capacity of intact particles, high adsorption precision, long-term repeated use, and very high economical efficiency. The feed temperature of tetrachlorethylene is controlled at normal temperature, and the contact time with molecular sieve should be as long as possible to ensure the adsorption effect.

When the molecular sieve is saturated, it needs to be regenerated

The molecular sieve is usually purged with nitrogen at about 200°C for 1-2 hours to remove the adsorbed water, and then cooled to the adsorption temperature before being used again.


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