Chemxin Molecular Sieve Adsorbent for Industrial Deep Drying of Butadiene Solvents
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Chemxin Molecular Sieve Adsorbent for Industrial Deep Drying of Butadiene Solvents

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Butadiene is a colorless flammable gas that is insoluble in water and is mainly used in the synthesis of rubber.

Drying requirements

In chemical applications, since butadiene is a raw material participating in the reaction, the general industrial water content is required to be less than 50PPM, and for applications in fine chemical reagents, the water content is less than 1PPM.

In the production of butadiene rubber, water content in the raw materials will reduce the polymerization reaction speed and affect product quality.

1 Water molecules will reduce the viscosity of the system and reduce the dielectric constant.

2 Water molecules easily react with polymer chains.

3 Water molecules affect initiator efficiency.

In industrial production, drying of butadiene is mainly achieved through distillation, adsorption, and membrane separation. The most widely used method is adsorption separation to achieve physical separation of butadiene and water. A very cost-effective molecular sieve material is a commonly used adsorption desiccant for butadiene.

Molecular sieves have the characteristics of high adsorption efficiency, high precision, low cost, regeneration after adsorption is full, and long cycle life. The adsorption accuracy of butadiene using molecular sieve drying can reach 1PPM.

Drying process

1. Select the appropriate type of molecular sieve. The molecular sieve adsorbent can realize the functions of drying butadiene and removing impurities.

2. Control the inlet air temperature. Extreme temperatures will affect the adsorption efficiency of molecular sieves.

3. The inlet pressure and flow rate of the raw gas must ensure that the gas enters the adsorption tube body and has sufficient time to contact the molecular sieve. If it is too fast, the adsorption efficiency will be reduced.

4. Set up export detection and regular regeneration to ensure that the molecular sieve is durable, stable and reliable.


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