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Chemxin held a quarterly birthday party for our five lovely colleagues on Jun 30th,on behalf of the entire employees of company, we bless them: happy birthday, all wishes come true, and everything goes well in their works.


We prepared delicious cakes, fried chicken, fruits, some snacks and sincerely thank their hard work and dedication in CHEMXIN Family, Our company has been able to run for 21 years because of their diligent work and always providing the most helpful services to the worldwide customers.


Chemxin not only giving back to the community with high-quality and useful chemical material products, but also providing stable and reliable work conditions for employees to support themselves and their families. Things come from harmony, and strength comes from unity! let is go on a united team to service world!

What products we have been producing for 21 years to help and supply global chemical customers?

Zeolite Molecular Sieve Absorbents special used for air&gas dry/purification, PSA Nitrogen/Oxygen generator, waste gas/odor treatment etc.

Molecular Sieve Activated Powder Absorbent design for polyurethane adhesive/sealant/coating, epoxy resin, electronic potting compound, polyurethane tooling/ modelling board, urethane foam etc.

Activated Alumina Absorbent used for air drying unit、air compressor、H2O2 production、Defluorination in water treatment etc.

Alumina Ceramic Balls which is used as bed support media or catalyst support media for adsorption tower in chemical industry.


If you are interested in our product and company, please feel free contact us any time~



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