Application of zeolite powder in polyurethane boards
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Application of zeolite powder in polyurethane boards

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Polyurethane tooling boards or modelling boards is famous for its excellent physical properties, such as toughness, hardness, dimensional stability, temperature resistance, compressive and flexural strength.


The board materials are composed of polyether polyols and polyisocyanates (PAPI), it will react and produce carbon dioxide(CO2) when it meets the moisture. And carbon dioxide is easy to solidify and create bubbles that will affect the appearance and quality of the boards.


Putting Chemxin 3A/4A/5A molecular sieve powder into the raw materials of PU board materials to absorb the moisture that can solve this problem.


Chemxin activated molecular sieve powder can be applied to all composite tooling materials, such as: styling board, modeling boards, working board, tooling board, etc.


What is the activated molecular sieve power?

1. CHEMXIN activated molecular sieve powder sintered from original molecular sieve powder at high temperature.

2. It has strong activity and can be mix it in other materials as an adsorbent.

3. Zeolite powder is a stable desiccant that can adsorb moisture and impurities without changing the physical and chemical properties of the product.

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