Application of 13x Molecular Sieve Powder
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Application of 13x Molecular Sieve Powder

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13X Molecular Sieve Powder is Sodium X zeolite superfine powder, adsorption pore size of 1.0nm. The fast adsorption speed, high adsorption capacity, often as a selective, adsorption performance of the unqualified adsorbent, directly applied in the production of polyurethane coatings, adhesives and sealants, can effectively remove trace moisture, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and other gases in the material. 13x molecular sieve  powder can also be used in metallic pigment coatings, where moisture reacts with metal to produce hydrogen gas, causing bubbles in the coating. This powder can exclude moisture, adjust viscosity, improve heat resistance, improve adhesion and smooth the surface of the coating. Specific application scenarios are, rubber tires, wire/cable rubber rings, thermoplastic elastomers, silicone molds, rubber runways, and aluminum/zinc-rich/corrosion coatings.

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