Zeolite molecular sieve use precautions points
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Zeolite molecular sieve use precautions points

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Zeolite molecular sieve is easy to absorb moisture. When stored, they should not be directly exposed to the air and should be placed in a dry place. Zeolite molecular sieves that have been stored for a long time and absorbed moisture should be regenerated before use.

Zeolite molecular sieves avoid oil and liquid water. Oil will clog the pores of the molecular sieve. Especially during regeneration, it is possible to carbonize the oil and cause pore blockage. For oil-bearing natural gas, the hydrocarbons, oil and water should be separated before the molecular sieve tower. Due to the heat released by the zeolite molecular sieve during water adsorption, a large amount of heat is released when liquid water comes into direct contact with the zeolite molecular sieve. Hazards may occur or the performance of the molecular sieve may be affected.

When a zeolite molecular sieve tower with pressure is operated during a regeneration switch, the internal pressure of the tower should be slowly reduced. If the depressurization is too fast, the zeolite molecular sieve particles may break and shatter. The higher the regeneration temperature, the safer the regeneration, but at the same time the greater the energy consumption of regeneration, and as a result can shorten the life of the molecular sieve. Therefore, the regeneration temperature is suitable between 200-350°C. The regeneration temperature should not normally exceed 600°C, otherwise the zeolite molecular sieves may lose their activity.

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