Worried About Bubbles In The Paint? Try Chemxin Activated Molecular Sieve Powder
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Worried About Bubbles In The Paint? Try Chemxin Activated Molecular Sieve Powder

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Activated molecular sieve powder is a white powdery adsorption material obtained by removing excess crystal water in the pore structure of zeolite molecular sieve original powder under high temperature conditions. Because of its open skeleton structure and molecular polarity, activated powder has good adsorption properties and is often used in certain specific adsorption situations in industry as a water remover.

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Activated molecular sieve powder loses most of its crystal water during high-temperature roasting, so it has strong adsorption capacity. In addition to water molecules, Chemxin powder can also adsorb molecules with a critical diameter smaller than its own pore size, and can be directly used in production as an adsorbent with selective adsorption capacity. Chemxin powder is evenly dispersed in the material and can adsorb specific molecules such as water molecules that affect product quality without changing the physical and chemical properties of the product, thereby improving the performance of the product.

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Activated molecular sieve powder can be used as a selective adsorbent to participate in the production process of specific polymers or coatings to adsorb CO2, H2S and other gases generated during production and use. It can also be applied to insulating glass composite strips for drying  agent; it can be used as a catalyst carrier in specific synthesis processes; it can also be used for dehydration of adhesives, deep drying of adhesives and sealants, cosmetics, pigments and solvents, etc. It can improve the uniformity and strength of materials and extend the service life of materials.

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Activated molecular sieve powder produced by Guangzhou Chemxin includes 3A powder, 4A powder, 5A powder, 13X powder, etc. It has the advantages of fast defoaming speed, large water absorption, fast adsorption rate, good dispersion, and anti-settlement. Our product categories are numerous and complete, supporting small batch and multi-batch procurement, and the delivery cycle is short. We can provide customers with customized solutions; we can dispatch a professional team to provide door-to-door service as appropriate.

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