The application of molecular sieve powder plays a key role in the structural adhesive of new energy batteries
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The application of molecular sieve powder plays a key role in the structural adhesive of new energy batteries

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BYD disclosed that it will produce 154,200 new energy vehicles in January 2023, a year-on-year increase of 63.85%. The molecular sieve industry also took advantage of the increasing demand for new energy vehicles and achieved continuous breakthroughs in shipments.

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In the production process of new energy vehicles, adhesives are required in many aspects, whether it is exterior structural parts or the core battery of the vehicle.

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The operating environment of automobiles is changeable, so polyurethane structural adhesives must meet higher standards, such as strong temperature resistance, strong chemical corrosion resistance, strong adhesion, strong vibration resistance, and environmental protection.

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As a raw material in polyurethane synthesis, molecular sieve powder is of great help to improve the product characteristics of polyurethane structural adhesives.

Polyurethane structural adhesives are mainly used in power batteries to:

1 Sealing: to ensure the safety and stability of the battery

2 Fixation: Fix the internal structure of the battery and the battery pack shell to prevent displacement damage caused by vibration and collision

3 Shock absorption: shock buffer for body and battery quality inspection.

Because the polyurethane structural adhesive plays a role in protecting the battery and prolonging its life, the various physical properties and service life of the structural adhesive have very strict requirements.

Molecular sieve powder is added to the polyurethane structural adhesive during the synthesis process, which can achieve long-term deep dehydration, improve the efficiency of the polymerization reaction and the quality of the finished product.

Molecular sieve powder can also absorb other impurities, such as acids, alkalis, heavy metals, etc., to reduce interference with polyurethane reactions and improve product quality and stability.


Molecular sieve powder adsorbs and removes water and other impurities, fundamentally prevents the appearance of air bubbles, prevents the generation of polyurea, and prolongs the service life of the structural adhesive.

Molecular sieve powder, as an additive material for polyurethane, can enhance various physical properties of polyurethane structural adhesives, and the effect is remarkable with a small amount of addition.

Chemxin has been producing molecular sieve powder for 21 years, and each batch of packaging has been tested three times before leaving the factory. It must achieve stable quality, no impurities, and high standard adsorption.

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