Social Responsibility under the Epidemic
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Social Responsibility under the Epidemic

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Since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control and safe production in all parts of Pingxiang, Chemxin have made unremitting efforts in epidemic prevention and production.

Social responsibility, government cooperation, enterprise status, production guarantee, employee care, participation volunteers

In the face of all possible risks, we actively face them.

As a 20-year-old molecular sieve and zeolite powder factory, it should take the initiative to take on more social responsibilities in times of crisis. Chemxin coordinates the prevention and control of the epidemic and the production of the company, and implements closed official residences for employees in the company, and strictly implements the "three The measures of "checking and wearing" provide free board and lodging for the employees in the factory, actively contact the government to actively coordinate and communicate, and apply for "green passports" for enterprises, ensuring the smooth export of raw materials and products. Work overtime for production, catch up with orders, ensure product quality, and not delay customer delivery. Always stand in the perspective of customers and solve problems for customers.



Every employee of Chemxin has his own responsibilities. No matter how small the screw is, it still works. Our foreign trade supervisor volunteered to be a volunteer to assist people in the community to do nucleic acid every day without delaying the work.


When the clouds and mist were cleared to see the blue sky, the epidemic finally dissipated and we returned to normal together.

We will work together to create a better tomorrow with one mind and one heart,  Chemxin always on your side to support you well.

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