See Client's Evaluation of CHEMXIN Oxygen Zeolite
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See Client's Evaluation of CHEMXIN Oxygen Zeolite

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CHEMXIN consistently commit to producing highest quality zeolite for Oxygen Generator. As we deeply know good quality is very important for long term business. Our sodium zeolite with the advantages of faster adsorption rate, higher oxygen production rate and longer use life is mainly used in PSA oxygen generator for generation of high purity oxygen . They are the substitute of 5A (CaA) type molecular sieve. Normally, CHEMXIN Molecular Sieve 13X-HP model XCHP-01 is designed for portable oxygen generator 1-5L/Min, Molecular Sieve 13X-HP model XCHP-02 is designed for industrial oxygen plant, oxygen purity is up to 93%±3%.

Below we would like to share you some pictures of our clients’s evaluations.

13x hp molecular sieve

13X-HP testing feedback13x hp molecular sieve-1

Why Choose CHEMXIN?

1. Having 20 years experience of manufacturing and exporting, we will give you excellent support in the oxygen field.

2. Six automatic production lines with over 120tons daily capacity, we can support you with prompt delivery.

3. Provides installation guidance services, we can provide at site and online guidance anytime you need.

4. High effective after sale service, we will response for any problems in time   after your purchasing.

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