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Q&A - Activation Powder

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1. Q: What is the max temperature of molecular sieve powder in adhesive production? A:Below 500 ℃ is ok, the molecular sieve raw powder will lose crystal water when at   550 ℃. When the temperature reduces to the indoor temperature, it will absorb water to recover. When the roasting temperature reaches 900 ℃, the crystal structure will be damaged and cannot be absorb water again.

2. Q:What is the addition of molecular sieve powder in the polyurethane adhesive ?

A:The addition of molecular sieve powder depends on the trace water that needs to be removed. The static water adsorption rate is 24% of molecular sieve powder .

3.Q: Does molecular sieve powder can be used in Polyol(POP)?

A: Yes, usually the powder used in component A of Two-component polyurethane adhesive (2K-PUR) that includes polyester polyol and polyether polyol.

4  Q: Does the molecular sieve powder will affect the viscosity of adhesive?

A: The powder does not increase viscosity.

5.  Q: What is the difference between molecular sieve powder and defoamer?

A: The powder absorbs the excess water in the PU adhesive, and the defoamer is break the bubbles that doesn’t absorb water.


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