Molecular sieve for Air Separation system
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Molecular sieve for Air Separation system

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CHEMXIN 13X-APG and APG lll special molecular sieve for air separation is a special molecular sieve produced to meet the special requirements of the deep-cooling air separation industry, to further improve the adsorption capacity of the molecular sieve on carbon dioxide and water, and to avoid freezing of the tower phenomenon in the process of air separation, and it is suitable for various sizes of deep-cooling air separation devices.

Specific applications: water and carbon dioxide will be removed from the air in the deep-cooling method of oxygen and nitrogen production.

Comparison of the adsorption capacity of the above two molecular sieves: under the condition of 250mmHg, the CO2 adsorption capacity of the two molecular sieves is not much different, but at the time of 2.2mmHg, the static CO2 adsorption capacity of APG lll is 1.78 times of the static adsorption capacity of 13X-APG. Under the dynamic experimental conditions: CO2 concentration of 450ppm, temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, pressure of 7kg/c㎡, the adsorption capacity of APG lll can reach 1.75 times that of 13X-APG, so that the excellent performance of APG lll can be fully utilized and manifested under low partial pressure.

APG lll molecular sieve for deep cooling air separation.

Purifiers can reduce regeneration heat consumption, lower operating costs, and improve the operational stability of the equipment.

The purifier can be made to have a higher capacity of processing air (there is no need to make any changes to the existing device), reducing the investment cost of the purifier.

From the above data, it can be seen that the excellent performance of APG lll molecular sieve will become an upgraded substitute for the ordinary 13X-APG molecular sieve in the purifier of deep-cooling air separation oxygen generator.

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