Molecular Sieve Powder Residue Inspection
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Molecular Sieve Powder Residue Inspection

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How to inspect the Residue of Molecular Sieve Powder?

Firstly, What is Molecular Sieve Powder Residue?

The sieve residual is an expression of the fineness of the powder material, the ratio of the mass of a certain mass of powder material left on the sieve part after sieving on a standard sieve. The powder particles are homogeneous, more active, better adsorption and better dispersion in the application.

Here let’s test step by step

1. Put the sieve on the balance scale and reset it to zero, and put 100G activated powder into the sieve.


2. Rinse repeatedly with water until no Molecular Sieve Powder overflows.


3. Pour the remaining Molecular Sieve Powder into the tin. And put it into the roaster to dry and dehydrate.


4. After the roasting is completed, take out the tin, and pour the roasted powder into the balance scale for weighing.


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