Molecular Sieve Powder PH Value Inspection
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Molecular Sieve Powder PH Value Inspection

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What is PH?

PH value, also known as acid-base value, is a symbol used chemically to measure the ratio of acidity to alkalinity of a liquid. In the polyurethane synthesis reaction, the PH of the system has a prominent impact on the reaction, and the proper application of acid-base adjustment techniques can effectively enhance the performance of the product. In addition, some adhesive acid-base inconsistency will affect the viscosity, adding Molecular Sieve Powder can play a role in adjusting the PH.


How to test PH?

1, Put the beaker on the balance and zero it, put 10g of activation powder into the beaker.


2, Put 100ml of deionized water into the beaker, put it on the blender and stir for 5 minutes.


3, Stir and let it settle. Put the calibrated PH meter into the beaker and measure the PH value of the Molecular Sieve Powder.


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