Molecular Sieve Powder Applications
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Molecular Sieve Powder Applications

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We know that molecular sieve is a good drying and dewatering product, molecular sieve is divided into granular and powder, for some gums we will use molecular sieve powder to remove water and air bubbles, because molecular sieve powder has good dispersion, very high adsorption. The following are our molecular sieve types and applications.

CHEMXIN Molecular Sieve Powder 5 Main Types:

Kalium Based Molecular Sieve Powder

Sodium Based Molecular Sieve Powder

Calcium Based Molecular Sieve Powder

Sodium X Based Molecular Sieve Powder

Ti-Si-Al Molecular Sieve Powder

6 Main Application:

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Glue

Electronic Potting Glue

Electronic Adhesive

Seam Sealer

PU foam

Paints and Coatings

Warm welcome your inquiry about how to use, how much to add...

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