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Molecular Sieve Installation

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Molecular sieve is a very complex mixture of ingredients, such as: aluminum, silicon, oxygen, sodium, or similar substances, the synthesis of these components to form stable clay mixture. When the water flow through the inner stable molecular sieve, voided structure, which can be in (adsorbed), through the process of molecular sieves is molecular sieves fluid through openings or apertures on both sides of the precise control of the storage process.

The main operational risk and prevention:

Enabling and operating molecular sieve adsorption systems, pressure and temperature must be maintained within the set range defined by each manufacturer. At any flammable or reactive substances operating system, the operator must be especially vigilant prevent too high temperature.

Before filling in the molecular sieve material imported industrial production fluid to discharge the air using a nitrogen purge.

In the absence of proper preparation before doing may not be reactive, strongly adsorbed fluid (such as ethylene), inflow of fresh or regenerated bed.

Quite lively material shall not be used for heating or cooling the bed. In the regeneration process, the temperature rise can cause a dangerous reaction heat release.



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